Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello! Well I finally updated my blog and put some links on the side here. I've also set up a picture slideshow on top to my flicr account. I hope you all enjoy taking a peek there! :D

This is mainly a proud mom post, with a little..woah thrown in. On Monday here in Toronto we had a crazy hailstorm and the result was snow like hail (size of medium marbles) all over the place. I have a picture here:

Yesterday my daughter completed grade 10 and I am so very proud of her! I'm a little anxious though because in two years she'll be leaving me to go to college in British Columbia! Thankfully my mother lives there so she'll have some guidance, but it's coming too fast! :( I was lucky to help her with her first scrapbook page for her English ISU this year (Independant Study Unit) and this is the result:

I think it turned out pretty good for her first try!

Well that's about it for today. I might have some cards to post on Friday! :D

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